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California Vegan Restaurants made its debut August 15, 2011.

The mission of California Vegan Restaurants is to bring together the dining public and the eateries that strive to deliver vegan dining options in support of compassion, health and the environment.

While some eateries have entirely vegan menus it should also be noted that more restaurants, serving all types of food are offering more vegan options for those who wish to eat a vegan. Confident chefs of eateries serving traditional fare are embracing the idea that vegan food options are good for business and reputation.
California Vegan Restaurants is free of dogma and negativity. Gain from it only what serves you well.

We encourage you, the dining public, to become involved by providing ideas, feedback and recommendations that may help the mission.

Thanks for visiting.

-Robert Whitaker


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  1. Janet says:

    Thanks for sharing the benefits of vegan food with more people! Looking forward to trying some challenge restaurants.

  2. Andrea Seppinni says:

    As a vegan chef and a plant-based cooking class instructor (I too have completed eCornell’s plant-based nutrition course), I am thrilled to see what you are doing!

    The positive tone of your information/site is welcome and refreshing; extending the challenge to restaurants that don’t usually focus on vegan fare as well as those that do is a great idea. I plan to do my part to support these restaurants this month (and beyond if vegan options remain on their menus)!

    • bethany says:

      Thanks, Andrea! I’m leaning toward your job description some day…with plant based health/ nutrition focus. Dr. Campbell was trying to connect me with someone local who he knew had taken his course and was instructing…besides Emily & Linda. Maybe he was referring to you? Would love to meet up at one of the restaurants! Check out the updated Sacramento Vegan Society meetups for the challenge! ( :

  3. leon sobon says:

    thanks for a wonderful service to the dining public. keep up the good work. I hope you branch out to San Francisco. We stay, and eat, there atleast two days per month

    • bethany says:

      Hi, Leon!

      San Francisco is already pretty lucky in that there are so many vegan/ veg-friendly restaurants throughout the Bay Area. We are working to create more here! But we will “branch out” by creating a how-to guide to help other communities launch similar events. ( :

    • Robert says:

      Hi Leon,

      With regards to restaurant outreach and promotion, California Vegan Restaurants will continue promote vegan dining throughout all of California. Beginning in November CVR will debut a new feature that profiles, in article form, restaurants up and down the Golden State that have significant vegan menus.

      Editor, California Vegan Restaurants

  4. Mary Rodgers says:

    Thanks for this opportunity to support chefs/restaurants willing to explore vegan options—and all I had to do is eat delicious vegan food. Several said they WON’T continue offering vegan options because the client base isn’t there, yet they also said the response to the Challenge has been phenomenal(!). Any follow-up strategies to nudge them into expanding their vegan options past October?

  5. Robert says:


    Thank YOU for supporting vegan dining. Yes there are follow-up strategies and upcoming new promotional programs. Stay tuned to California Vegan Restaurants. There will be some new features beginning in November.

  6. Mary Rodgers says:

    The excellent meal and great service at Tower Bridge Café last night was marred by a comment from our waiter: He started out with “What I DON’T like about vegans,” then mentioned one judgmental, rude, insulting woman who gave him grief for not being vegan. Obviously still upset, he mentioned her at least three times. We did as much damage control as we could, but I’m afraid it’s not the great food he’ll remember, nor the rest of his vegan customers who know how to treat others with respect, but one vegan with poor social skills will represent the rest of us to this very nice man who would have otherwise been open to a new way of eating.

    • Robert says:

      Hi Mary,
      That is unfortunate. One of the top priorities of the California Vegan Restaurants website is to keep the content free of dogma while still attempting to educate people. Veganism is usually associated with compassion for animals, health and environment and these are indeed the fundamental principles that make up the common goal. However the mission of this web site is clear and simple: to bring more vegan dining to the dining public and to bring more of the dining public to the eateries providing vegan dining. Vegans are passionate about the fundamental principles and understandably wish to spread the word. But if we focus on our simple mission it will be to the benefit of all without alienating anyone to the point that they would be put off from veganism. If someone adopts wholly or partially any one of the fundamental principles or puts into practice any action in support of said principle(s) then it is a victory. What you have cited is a perfect example of the damage that dogma can do, resulting in a resounding failure to promote the common goal. Thanks for sharing.

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