May 29, 2013

Bodhi Bowl in Sacramento


Enlightening Springs Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn Liên Hoa)

Bodhi Bowl opened in January of 2013 and as of this writing is still being discovered by discerning vegan foodies like myself. Word of mouth is so important for businesses, especially eateries,  to reach potential customers and if the service is a good one both the restaurant and the dining customers benefit. Thus is how I came to seek Bodhi Bowl and I feel as if I stumbled upon a hidden jewel.

Bodhi Bowl is one of those jewels that stands out and as new customers discover its virtues regular customers will be created and rewarded by their loyalty with tasty fresh vegan food served up in sizable portions at a reasonable price. The menu is distinctly Vietnamese using traditional ingredients and presentation but, of course, all vegetarian. Most selections at Bodhi Bowl are vegan, be sure to ask your server which are not.


Heavenly Noodle (Bún Nướng Hồng Ân)

My first visit to Bodhi Bowl started out with the Enlightening Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn Liên Hoa) as an appetizer – fresh vegetables, green and soy protein in a chewy rice wrap served with a tasty peanut sauce. As my main dish I chose the Heavenly Noodle (Bún Nướng Hồng Ân) – fine rice noodles topped with marinated soy protein, chopped peanuts, fresh julienned vegetables, greens, mint and shredded carrot and daikon. A sweet savory broth is served on the side to drizzle over the top to taste. Delicious! My dining partner ordered the Hue Style Noodle (Bún Huế Thanh Tịnh) – fried soy protein in a mildly spicy broth with shiitake mushrooms topped with fresh cilantro. This was served with a side of chopped greens shredded banana flower and lime wedges.


Hue Style Noodle (Bún Huế Thanh Tịnh)

Manager Mai Nguyen takes great pride in the service and menu, clearly explaining each dish to us. The atmosphere are Bodhi Bowl is calming, stylistically Buddhist with rich yet earthy colors and floral accents. I  encourage you to Visit Bodhi Bowl. You too will become a regular. It is quite easy to get to from anywhere in the Sacramento area by taking the Florin Road exit from highway 99 and heading east a short distance to Stockton Blvd. Turn left on Stockton and right on 65th Street and look for the small shopping center at Savings Place on your right.

Bodhi Bowl is at:

6511 Savings Place, Ste. 100
Sacramento, CA 95828

(916) 428-4160