April 01, 2013


Breakfast at Herbivore

Vegetable Tofu Scramble with a Blueberry Banana Shake

Northern California vegans I know truly appreciate the dining options available in the San Francisco Bay Area. Where to dine is always a top priority when planning a Bay visit.

This sometimes means deciding whether to eat in the City or the East Bay and choosing an eatery that will be conveniently located to other sites or activities. Sometimes however you just know what you want to eat, or you want an extensive menu with consistent offerings and quality food that will have something to satisfy everyone in the dining party. No place meets these criteria better than Herbivore.

Herbivore has three locations in the Bay Area; two in The City and one in the East Bay. While each location has its own distinctive atmosphere the menu is the same at all three, however only the Berkeley location has a full bar that serves cocktails. The all vegan menu is extensive and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and dessert items consisting of appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, wraps, entrées and even pizza. Herbivore is also well known and respected for its juices, smoothies and shakes. I have tried number of offerings at Herbivore for breakfast lunch and dinner so it is not easy to focus a review of particular menu items but I have never been disappointed.

Grilled seitan, mushrooms and onions over rice

Grilled seitan, mushrooms and onions over rice

A good vegan breakfast can be hard to find but no-one does it better than Herbivore. My favorite is the Vegetable Tofu Scramble which comes with potatoes and toast. I have missed several opportunities to try other breakfast offerings at Herbivore because when you find something you really like you look forward to it and don’t wish to risk trying something that you may be less satisfied with.


Vegan Lasagna at Herbivore

One peculiar thing about the menu at Herbivore is that meat analogs are referred to as the ingredient that you would find in a more traditional recipe. So while some menu items list tofu or seitan as the protein component other will list “grilled beef’, “chicken chunks or strips”. I understand this approach is to provide a certain level of familiarity to meat eaters and to make traditionally non-vegan recipes recognizable and identifiable. While I know this is disturbing to some vegans if it brings in more omnivores and encourages people to eat vegan then I have no complaints. Rest assured everything at Herbivore is vegan.

As previously mentioned Herbivore has three locations with the same menu except only the Berkeley Location has a bar and serves cocktail.

If you have never tried Herbivore and you are vegan you are truly missing out on some of the best vegan food to be had anywhere.

Herbivore is open Sunday thru Thursday from 9am to 10pm and until 11pm on Friday and Saturday night.

Breakfast is served until 2pm

Lunch and dinner menus are always available.


San Francisco:

531 Divisadero
(415) 885-7133

933 Valencia
(415) 826-5657


2451 Shattuck
(510) 665-1675