Privacy Policy

Any and all personal information collected from visitors and registrants will protected from unauthorized distribution. No personal information will be resold, traded or distributed for commercial or political purposes. Personal information is defined as meeting the following criteria:

Real Names (first and last)
Email Addresses
Phone Numbers
Any information meeting the definition of  Personal Information and/or Personally Identifiable Information as defined by the Privacy Act of 1974


Content Policy

Team members, content providers, and contributing authors are required to review and adhere to all content policies, privacy policies and publication guidelines.

All content shall be factual, honest, objective, original and free from dogma, favoritism, hate, intimidation and violence. All non-original content shall be noted and the source cited. All public comments will be moderated to meet content policies. Contributed content is subject to moderation to meet all defined policies.

The privacy policy will be strictly adhered to. Personal information from visitors and registrants will be strictly protected from distribution and shall not be used for commercial or political purposes. There will be zero tolerance for violations of privacy policies. (see privacy policy)

All policies are subject to revision without notice.

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